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Government grants Job Ready full ‘Accredited’ status in employment services

Job Ready’s management system for employment services providers, has received full accreditation status as a Third Party Employment System (TPES) by the Federal Government, putting it in a prime position to support employment services providers throughout 2020 and beyond.

The impact of COVID-19 in 2020 has resulted in significant change for employment services providers. Along with expected new jobseekers in addition to existing jobseeker caseloads, providers are also being asked to accelerate support and service in a digital-first environment.

Job Ready’s new ‘Accredited’ status means Job Ready has been officially approved for employment services providers after a detailed assessment of functionality and security management. The announcement comes after JobReady achieved global ISO 27001 accreditation in 2019.

Together with Job Ready’s longstanding investment in creating digital-first systems and technology for employment services providers, JobReady’s accreditation will allow it to support employment services achieve operational change and enhancements expedited by the current crisis.

“JobReady has been broadly aligned to leading world information security management standards for some time, as was recognised by our ISO 27001 certification last year,” ReadyTech CEO Marc Washbourne commented. “We’re pleased to have gained ‘Accredited’ status and we look forward to supporting employment services providers with JR Live into 2020 and beyond.”

This final stage in the accreditation process means Job Ready can further expand its services into the employment services market to help achieve better employment outcomes for all Australians.

The Department requires all TPES technology providers that handle information or data relating to programmes delivered by the Department to gain and maintain accreditation prior to use. The accreditation is based on the Protective Security Policy Framework form the Attorney-General’s Department and the Information Security Manual (ISM) from the Australia Signals Directorate (ASD).


About Job Ready

Job Ready is ReadyTechs’s management system for employment services providers. Helping jobactive and DES providers come together with jobseekers and employers to secure meaningful work outcomes that last, Job Ready combines the market’s best management tools and a first-class user engagement advantage to facilitate best practice candidate attraction, placement and retention. To learn more about Job Ready’s features and benefits for employment services providers click here.

For more information on the Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s digital information assurance activities and JobReady’s accreditation, click here.