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How WISE Employment SA is maximising job seeker conversions with Esher House

WISE Employment (South Australia) is a leading provider of disability employment services (DES). With 15 offices in Adelaide and the state’s regions, it has grown by pioneering innovative approaches to connecting job seekers with opportunity and empowering their potential.


WISE’s South Australian DES operation is dedicated to evolving disability services with forward-thinking, evidence-based best practice. It orients its processes, technology and people in the direction of customers and employers to ensure market-leading experiences and results.


The challenge


WISE Employment wanted to streamline and maximise results from the first 13 weeks of the DES customer lifecycle. While it employs a team of talented and passionate consultants, previous paper-based processes were burdensome on job seekers and staff, requiring multiple meetings to gain a full picture of job readiness and risking potential disengagement early on. WISE Employment wanted to minimize the time taken getting to know a job seeker and establishing a plan of action. It also wanted to boost overall conversion rates by offering more targeted support and interventions that would meet the needs of individual jobseekers.


The solution


WISE Employment integrated Esher House’s behavioural science assessment, prescriptive analytics and resilience intervention services into its service delivery model. It utilised Esher House’s three-minute online Assessment of Work Readiness (AWR) tool at the outset to gain a picture of job readiness, streamlining intake and identifying a job seeker’s psychological readiness for work. It capitalised on early job seeker momentum by providing targeted, relevant psycho-social conversation case manager support tools and resilience workshop interventions to raise wellbeing and motivation. Overall, it was able to build a more energetic and focused program for the first 13 weeks of service to create a meaningful pathway to employment.


The result


WISE Employment has noted a strong correlation between the utilisation of Esher House’s services and job seeker customer conversion rates. This includes many powerful stories of job seekers that have undertaken resilience workshop interventions and come forward to say they are now prepared to find and secure sustainable employment. WISE Employment says Esher House has supported strong results in both external and internal measures of performance, which have all been improving over time. It has also served to increase job satisfaction among case managers who are benefitting from enhanced support in the conduct of their role.


Efficiency: WISE Employment SA has minimised the time taken to discover customer barriers with online assessment, automated triage and targeted support.

Conversions: Esher House has contributed to overall stronger conversion rates, powerful stories of job seeker success and higher service satisfaction.

Engagement: Psycho-social information and support tools for frontline case managers from Esher House has contributed to boosting staff engagement.


What WISE Employment South Australia says


“Esher House has enabled us to provide meaningful service delivery right from the start. Where we might have spent three or four weeks establishing what we would do with a customer using pen and paper and long conversations in the past, we now get an inkling based on algorithms in Esher House’s surveys that short circuit a lot of work. Capitalising on enthusiasm in the first 13 weeks is really important; if we can get someone into sustainable employment early that means better performance results for us and a better outcome for the customer. We believe Esher House is playing a very strong part in the conversion rates we are now seeing.”


Jason Stevens, State Manager Disability, WISE Employment (South Australia)


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