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How Asuria is achieving realistic job seeker understandings using Esher House

Asuria is a full-service employment services provider with an ‘enterprising heart’, assisting job seekers to find work, employers to find staff and governments achieve outcomes. Operating for over 20 years and with 150 locations in Australia, it assists over 800 customers into work each month.


Asuria’s jobactive service in NSW and Victoria covers three diverse regions, with 10 fixed sites and additional outreach services. With different demographics to manage, it embraces innovation, a growth mindset and empathy to achieve better job seeker understandings, service and outcomes.


The challenge


Asuria (formerly PeoplePlus) has been a long-term user of Esher House services. Continuing to engage Esher House under the most recent jobactive contract, Asuria wanted to continue to integrate the behavioural science insights Esher House provides as part of its service model.


Specifically, Asuria wanted to utilise Esher House as a source of third-party insight on job seeker work readiness, allowing it to check or challenge its own perspectives based on a job seeker’s own individual responses to Esher House’s Assessment of Work Readiness (AWR) survey.


Asuria also wanted to utilise Esher House’s job coach support guides to enhance and personalise job coach conversations with job seekers, as well as in-person resilience workshops (prior to Covid-19) that could support job seeker resilience and progress towards a long-term employment outcome.


The solution


Asuria has continued to use Esher House as an integrated part of its service model. There is an expectation all job seekers will undertake the 12-question, mobile AWR survey in the early stages of their Asuria journey, and again at the three-month mark if required to monitor any changes.


This has supported Asuria to achieve realistic understandings of work readiness. For example, AWR survey results help minimise the likelihood candidates who are not job ready are put in front of employers. It is used to check or validate in-person job coach assessments and tweak processes.


Asuria also pivoted into using Esher House’s Digital Activation Modules (DAMs) during Covid-19 to support job seeker resilience. DAMs are helping Asuria activate and support job seekers using short, behavioural-science-backed animated videos that are targeted at a job seeker’s mindset.


The result


Asuria views Esher House as an integral part of its job seeker service model in NSW and Victoria.


Esher House AWR survey results act as a valuable indicator of a job seeker’s own self-assessment, supporting a realistic understanding of a job seeker’s work readiness. This helps Asuria provide services or interventions (like DAMs) appropriate to a job seeker’s stage of readiness and preserve relationships with employers. Esher House data also allows Asuria’s team to achieve an overview of the work readiness of its entire caseload, helping it monitor progress towards placement KPIs.


Insight: AWR survey results provide a valuable indication of a job seeker’s own self-assessment, contributing to a fuller overall picture of work readiness.

Overview: Asuria can visualise the work readiness of its entire caseload, helping it to predict work placement outcomes against monthly KPIs.

Activation: Coaching guides and Digital Activation Modules are used as a resource to improve job coach conversations and activate job seekers.



What Asuria says


“Esher House has been embedded in our service delivery for over 5 years – it is a key plank of our strategy to prepare jobseekers for education and employment. The psychometric and behavioural insights provided by Esher House’s easy to use online assessments give our Work Mentors critical insights into the motivation levels and overall work readiness of our clients. This allows our team to effectively tailor services and interventions to give every individual a more effective, data-led and highly personalised Employment Services experience.”


Christian Maher, State Manager NSW, Asuria



Interested in finding out how Esher House can improve job seeker support with behavioural science? Learn more here.