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7 tips to ensure your staff actually use your new system

There’s no doubt technology is getting easier to use. There’s a powerful focus in EdTech right now on making sure user experiences are intuitive and satisfying. In line with the tech and apps people are used to as consumers, EdTech is making systems that enable staff to hit the ground running.


That doesn’t mean a system will do all the work. Every piece of software is different. Education providers need to consider their team of users if they want to ensure that an implementation project achieves the expectations and results the business is after in the short term and the future.


The risk of not thinking about your team is that the system won’t be used the way you want.


Choose the best fit

First up, make sure you’re choosing the right system from the outset.  One of the key considerations when you go to market should be the end user experience. Ensure the system is built for the unique dynamics of your education and training niche and the way your internal team and business works.


Test with the team

Get select members of your frontline staff involved early - preferably during procurement. Ask them to provide feedback on how they think the system will work for them day-to-day. Identify any issues likely to cause your staff more problems later on and act to mitigate them with your tech partner.


Identify champions

The best implementation projects use influential staff to champion a system rollout. These need not be managers; they could be those tech-curious and savvy staff who are optimistic about change. Consider forming a feedback group and ask them to spread the good word about project progress.


Start things small

Consider piloting the system with a select group of users. Often a pilot with a smaller group or department can help further identify any issues and serve to assess the training needs of your wider team. It can be a lower risk way to iron out small problems before they become big ones.


5  Train your team

Providers often forget to consider the importance of training. Your team will all need to be familiarised with the new system to ensure they can use it efficiently and effectively when it is switched on and are able to get the most value out of what it delivers out of the box.


 Communicate well

Engage your wider team with strategic, regular communications. This should include preparing staff before a project begins by framing the rationale for the change, as well as providing ongoing updates on progress and celebrating milestone successes along the way. Staff engagement equals success.


Never stop learning

Getting the most out of technology can take time. Often, teams unlock value within a system over time by making more and more use of its functionality. Ongoing training can ensure a provider is able to maximise its return on investment through ever expanding use of its capabilities.