Finding Your ‘Second-Half Hero’ with Mark Hodgson


The WorkED Podcast – Finding Your ‘Second Half-Hero’

The working world we all inhabit is more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous than ever, something that can be particularly challenging when we reach our 40s and 50s. Could career reinvention through finding our ‘second-half hero’ be the answer for us and our organisations?

On this episode of WorkED Marc Washbourne sits down with one of his personal mentors, Mark Hodgson, for a bracing look at the risks we take as individuals and organisations by sitting still – as well as the hope, happiness and sense of opportunity we can all rekindle by committing to career and self-reinvention.

From the role that self-awareness, curiosity and courage can play in turning disengaged managers into leaders that inspire change, to what it takes to make it as a solopreneur outside the confines of the corporate and institutional world, Mark offers deep insights he argues will be more relevant than ever in 2020.

How can we avoid turning into the ‘grumpy old person in the corner’? How can our essence and humanity marry with our hard-earned experience and expertise to propel us into a greater career flourishing? Most importantly, can we all choose to become our own ‘second-half hero’?


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