Who we are Our People

Our people have deep domain expertise, and genuinely care about solving real complexity that has a meaningful impact. We believe working in tech is about more than just product, it’s about people too.

Executive Leadership

Marc 2024
Marc Washbourne
Co-Founder & CEO
Nimesh 2024
Nimesh Shah
Chief Financial Officer
Jim 2024
James Diamond
Chief Operating Officer
Bobbi 2024
Bobbi Tailor-Jepson
Chief People Officer
Lauren 2024
Lauren Ma
Chief Executive, Workforce Solutions
Daniel 2024
Daniel Wyner
Chief Executive, Government & Justice

Workforce Solutions Leadership

Lauren Ma
Chief Executive, Workforce Solutions
Website headshots 6
Vincent De Stefano
Head of Revenue
Website Natalie Miller Jun22
Natalie Miller
Head of Marketing, CX & Corporate Communications
amanda palmer
Amanda Palmer
Head of Service Operations
Alex P
Alex Phomphoukhao
Head of Technology
Sharon Schwarzkopf
Head of Product
Website headshots 8 v2
Janine Scott
Head of Commercial Operations

Education & Work Pathways Leadership

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Trevor Fairweather
General Manager, Education
Website Chris McMillan Jun22
Chris McMillan
General Manager, Work Pathways
james hourn
James Hourn
Head of Enterprise Sales
Website Tony Jones Jun22
Tony Jones
Head of Delivery
Supriya 1
Supriya Joshi
Head of Technology
chris smith
Chris Smith
Head of Strategy & Innovation

Government & Justice Leadership

Website Dan Wyner Jun22
Daniel Wyner
Chief Executive, Government & Justice
Gabe Banens
Head of Delivery, Justice
Glenn v3
Glenn Banks
Head of Technology, Justice
Tim v2
Tim Beaumont
UK Country Manager, Justice
Michelle Cross
General Manager, Operations
Susan v2
Susan Furber
Head of Consulting & Professional Services, Government
Website Simon Kelso Jun22
Simon Kelso
Head of Sales & Strategy, Justice
alojz kiseli
Alojz Kiseli
Head of Technology
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Nigel Lutton
General Manager, IT Vision
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Rebecca Magill
Head of Marketing & Communications
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Adam McInnes
General Manager, Procurement
Website headshots 13
Shane McInnes
General Manager, Procurement
Website headshots 10
Craig McLaughlin
Innovation and Development Manager, Government
Kathleen Williams
Head of Product & CX, Justice