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Ready Resilience supports providers to deliver better targeted support and improve outcomes by 42% utilising the power of behavioural science, founded on over 100,000 unique data points and over a decade of research.


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Ready Resilience (formerly Esher House) provides behavioural science assessment technology and intervention programs at scale. Our prescriptive analytics tools help providers of employment services better understand and activate job seekers.

Translating the latest in psychology and neuroscience into research-backed assessment tools and programs, based on the Transtheoretical Model of Change, we provide you with the tools you need to conduct attitudinal analysis, segmentation, and intervention so employment services providers can achieve better job seeker and business outcomes.


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Effectively managing human behaviour change at scale

Leverage insights

Ready Resilience’s AI-backed assessment unearths individual attitudes towards a desired outcome. Use these insights to determine tangible program pathways that will develop and improve job seeker outcomes.

Take action

Whether it’s a resilience workshop or Digital Activation Modules (DAMs), you can deliver activities and coaching to each individual in real-time, from anywhere, entirely tailored to their psychological readiness.

What sets Ready Resilience apart?
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Backed by research

Ready Resilience leverages data and insights based on over 100,000 individual assessments and tens of thousands of academic papers and increase job outcomes by 42%.

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Deeper attitudinal insight

Determine a person's commitment to work or study using peer-reviewed, validated assessment tools that unlock real mindsets and attitudes.

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Understand and convert client attitudinal data into actionable knowledge, ensuring your resources are directed to the job seekers set to benefit most from actionable supports.

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Actionable interventions

Ready Resilience’s assessments and Digital Activation Modules (DAMs) support intervention at all activation stages in the job seeker journey, allowing you to provide timely interventions.

"The program is a key part of our service and support for customers, and we know the difference it has made to their mental well-being and resilience as they pursue and undertake employment. The feedback our trainers receive from our staff around the country demonstrate how the program has benefited their customers personally through supporting motivation and engagement."


Nathan Weedon, Learning and Development Manager at Maxima Group

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